To the editor:

Newburyport is a wonderful place to live and visit. This is due in no small part to the seasoned elected officials in the mayor’s office, the City Council and the School Committee.

In January, in addition to swearing in a new mayor, there will be four new city councilors. The significance of this change is important.

The retiring councilors have 38 years of collective experience with general municipal governance and the particulars of governing in Newburyport, working with our diverse constituencies, and working with each other.

Change can bring opportunity. However, too much change, without experienced stewardship, can bring instability and mismanagement. The turnover in city councilors makes it vitally important to elect an experienced and knowledge individual as our next mayor. That person is Charlie Tontar.

Charlie’s eight years of council experience, including serving on four key council committees will benefit new councilors.

Having Charlie in the mayor’s office will also bring continuity for city department heads, School Committee members, and the Greater Newburyport businesses and community groups who have worked closely with him for many years.

Charlie’s record on financing and planning large initiatives is impressive. He has been at the table for the complex negotiations on development of our waterfront, schools, senior center, wastewater treatment facilities and affordable housing.

He has worked closely with business owners and arts and cultural establishments to help Newburyport become the rich tapestry it is today.

Charlie Tontar’s experience, management skills and strong financial capabilities are what Newburyport needs over the next four years.

Kelly Essman


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