NEWBURYPORT — Sophie Bjork-James, an assistant anthropology professor at Vanderbilt University, appears on “The Morning Show” on Thursday to discuss findings from her more than a decade of research of the white nationalist movement.

Host Mary Jacobsen will interview Bjork-James about the radical aims and strategies of white nationalists, who she has said seek “to undermine democratic processes. White nationalists and other authoritarian groups seek to defend white power and male power, and thus often see democracy as a barrier to their goals.”

Bjork-James will discuss the impact of the Jan. 6 insurrection on “accelerating” those goals.

“Images of far-right and racist actors desecrating the center of democratic power,” she has written, “will serve as powerful propaganda and recruitment tools for the foreseeable future.”

Understanding the movement’s recruitment strategies and their efforts to weaken democratic institutions to advance their vision of a white-ethno state, Bjork-James has written, “will enable us to develop anti-racist strategies to challenge the White nationalist movement.”

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