Benson Gallery

Sculptor Beverly Benson Seamans was well-known for her bronze sculptures of animals, birds and children.

NEWBURY — The Benson Gallery will host three local authors Oct. 16.

The public is invited to the gallery at 2 Newman Road, from 3 to 5 p.m., to browse and meet authors Sandy Tilton, Ted Olsson and Jenn Bogard. Refreshments will be served.

The gallery was founded by owner John Seamans as a legacy gallery to celebrate the work of his mother, sculptor Beverly Benson Seamans, who was well-known for her bronzes of animals, birds and children.

The gallery features her life’s work, as well as other nature-inspired works by local painters, a jeweler, a blown glass artist and a potter.

Sarah and John Seamans created the space to showcase local artists’ talents.

Tilton, a nature photographer and author of “Ralph ‘N Me,” was born and raised in Ipswich. Her love for wandering in nature turned to passion when she received an old Brownie camera to use, according to a press release.

Although she has no formal training, many of her photographs have been published by both local and national writers. Tilton’s work can also be seen on her Plum Island & Beyond Facebook page.

Olsson, author of “Clip-In, Cycling Thoughts From The Road” and “Life Line,” is a local poet whose poetry reflects subtle life experiences and ordinary things with unexpected mindfulness.

Olsson said, “For me, poetry has always been a way to contemplate experiences, observations, ideas ... reality. Patterns of rhythm and sound are essential and produce a poem that settles into one’s thoughts, conveying more than the written words.”

His books of original poems are available in local shops and on the web: “Prosodic Tales in Poetry”:

Bogard is the author of “The ABCs of Plum Island, Massachusetts,” described as, “An unexpectedly soulful and absorbing chronicle of regional history in a scrapbook-style work” by Kirkus Review.

She also has two local baby board books: “B is for Beach Plums: The ABCs of Plum Island” and “C is for Clipper: The ABCs of Newburyport.”

Bogard teaches at Lesley University and writes books, articles and educator guides for teachers about integrating the arts in everyday lessons.

For more, go to JennBogard.cto to download free local scavenger hunts and coloring pages.

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