My mother began to lose her ability to connect things, to remember things, and eventually even to recognize things and people — including her children. My mother-in-law experienced a similar decline that manifested primarily in an inability to recall words. At the last, neither of them could…

Director/co-writer Sean Anders really takes the “instant” part of his new family dramedy “Instant Family” to heart. The film drops us right into the lives of Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) with little fanfare, as if to say to the audience, “Catch up, guys, we’ve got a lot of sto…

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Unless you have access to multiple ovens, only a very large turkey will do when you’ve got a crowd coming to dinner. But finding a container large enough to brine a gargantuan bird can be tricky, and turning the bird in the oven (our usual method for evenly cooked meat) can be tricky.

It’s happy holiday season again. The fun and festivities bring food and, right behind, Fido and Fluffy. Your pets have no idea why you’re celebrating, but they can smell the delicious bounty and they’re delighted to invite themselves.

So Disney has gone ahead and made a Christmas movie from “The Nutcracker.” Is this what we’re doing now? We’re making big Hollywood movies from 19th-century ballets? Anyone have any fresh ideas at all? Talk about low-hanging fruit: It’s a sugar plum.

Heating and glazing a cured ham seems effortless, but many recipes yield leathery meat in an overly sweet glaze. We wanted to guarantee moist meat in a nuanced glaze.

Once we had to turn the clocks back an hour, it was odd to see it dark by 4:45 in the afternoon. What this means for your yardwork is that you have to start earlier in the day to get all your chores done. Let me remind you of a few that you need to do.

Most of the time, I end up putting my energy into the main course. You, too, right? The side dishes then have a tiered level of time and effort afforded to each of them, often ending with something exciting like “rice.”


NEWBURYPORT – Tom Wetmore of Newburyport is a retired “computer geek” who looks for birds on Plum Island more than 300 times a year, giving him a full understanding of the avian life on the island.


NEWBURYPORT — Aidan O’Connor, a sophomore at Newburyport High School, is taking his homemade, coming-of-age film to the big screen Nov. 16 after his documentary was selected for the Boston International Kids Film Festival.

Parents often find they have raised children who turn out to be very different from themselves; their offspring may seem hardly recognizable, or understandable.


The Newburyport Art Association is just one stop on Saturday’s Newburyport ArtWalk, the fourth and final one of 2018.

All the wind this past Saturday did a pretty good job of knocking the leaves off the trees. Soon, we will be hearing the sound of leaf blowers doing their job of piling up all of those leaves. Blisters on our hands are sure to follow, because there are always a few leaves that need to be raked up. 

A stack of fluffy, golden pancakes is the perfect starting place for a standout brunch, delivering piping-hot cakes with distinct sweet tang and an open, airy texture.


NEWBURYPORT — The Belleville Roots Music Series will bring local residents a lively display of bluegrass from The Lonely Heartstring Band on Saturday.

It’s a hobby among District of Columbia locals: picking apart glaring geographic and architectural inaccuracies in movies and television shows set in Washington.

It’s that time of year again. Time to pull on the cozy sweatpants, sweaters and fuzzy slippers. The time of year where we tend to eat more, move less and experience a precipitous drop in our spirits.