We have all heard it.

We all know that getting fit and increasing our daily exercise level is essential to boost our overall wellness, but did you know that your fitness level can also boost your career and financial bottom line?

It’s true.

Much of my coaching begins around a conversation and assessment on how my client’s life balances out. And what I see more often than not is that when a client's financial house is a mess, his or her health is often suffering, as well, including weight gain, bloating, insomnia and stress levels that are through the roof.

Can you relate?

If so, it’s time to take decisive action and commit today to turning your health around.

Here are five reasons why getting moving and living in action today will open the floodgates to professional growth and financial flow:

1. Increased vitality leads to greater productivity. A British study performed by Leeds Beckett University showed at least a 15% boost in productivity and increased time management skills in participants who exercised during the day. Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, that increase will certainly have a boost on your financial impact within your organization.

Action: Organize your day so that you fit in both your financial and health goals as a priority. Success starts with planning. Commit to a minimum of 30 minutes a day, four times a week, of the exercise of your choice. Doing what you enjoy to do will have a direct result on your ability to commit to up-leveling your fitness, with less resistance and more joy. Be laser clear on what your financial goals are. Write them down and take micro-steps every day to get closer to those goals. Want to get debt free? Start with the smallest bill, set a date you want it paid off and move on to the next debt. Want to start investing? Research your options, and talk to people who can help. Admitting you "don’t know" is a great place to start. Those two words, "don’t know," are actually foundational to your greatest wisdom. Trust more. Doubt less.

2. Enjoy a big spoonful of "feel good" hormones to boost your energy and inner peace. Stress makes us sick. Stress also causes bloating, weight gain, increased hypertension, and a whole litany of side effects that will negatively affect your personal and professional lives.

It is time to take a cease-and-desist order on your stress level. And the best way to take action is to immediately push yourself away from your desk or off your couch and get moving. Experiencing the thrill of endorphins or what some call the "runner's high" will keep you coming back for more: more energy, more peace and an overall level of positivity. Your team members and family members will notice, and so will you.

Action: Oftentimes, we need to push through resistance to get started. This is part of the game. Be clear on why you want to be more fit, create positive images of your life as a more fit and financially secure "you," and move toward that image. You deserve it. Accept the fact that your best self is being able to lean into being uncomfortable. We all have areas in our lives that make us feel less than stellar. Start by moving your body to clear away the cobwebs of fear and doubt. You will have a renewed sense of purpose when you connect into your body. Your body knows. Tune in, as it will tell you what steps you need to take to embrace prosperity in all areas of your life. You deserve it.

3. Confidence is hot. As a coach and fitness expert, I hear this question all the time, "How can I be more confident?" And this is what I tell them: Confidence is an inside job. It's not about ego, it's not arrogance, it's not being phony. Confidence is a result of a deep awareness of who you are and what value you bring to the world. How you value yourself and this amazing body you were given creates all kinds of magic in every moment you live and breathe.

Confident people are attractive people. You can spot them a mile away. And the good news? People want to hire confident people. They want to date them, serve them and buy from them.

And studies have repeatedly shown that confident people are more positive and healthy in all areas of their lives, including in their fitness and financial flow.

Action: So start here. Close your eyes even for just two minutes, and feel the energy that your body generates as you sit and breathe life in and out. You are a miracle. Confidence is breathing in the truth of how truly remarkable you are. Be still and know this.

Start with valuing yourself in such a profound way that people all of a sudden begin to take notice. Decide today that your self-care is No. 1 because you have decided you are ready to have a greater impact on how you show up in the world. Decide today that your health is taking center stage because you are ready to up-level in your career and serve your greater purpose, which you know with 100% certainty is burning inside of you. And if this desire includes greater financial flow, bring it all on!

4. Push through resistance for a win-win in your fitness and your money. As a competitive athlete, I can tell you with 100% percent certainty that nothing brings me into my alignment with my goals better than staying committed in my training. The same applies to how I embrace my wealth-building philosophy. Exercise pushes me in ways that make me uncomfortable. And much of what we need to do to be successful in business is in that "uncomfortable zone." I have had some of my biggest breakthroughs in my business just after hitting some personal records in my health and wellness regimen. You can, too. The question is: Do you want it bad enough? I think you do.

Action: Today, it’s time to play. Set a fitness goal that puts you in that "uncomfortable zone," and go do it. Today. After you have achieved that goal, take action in a part of your business and/or financial wealth building plan that you know will increase your bottom line, but you have been resisting. Now, go nail that, too. Watch your mood and feelings of being a rock star soar.

5. Deeper self-awareness leads to a clearer sense of purpose. Being fit and taking your self-care to another level changes you as a person. I hear it all the time from my clients. And it is not really just about your body or the money. It’s about gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and how you show up in the world. It's about becoming laser clear on who you are spiritually and how you came to serve the planet on a global level. You are worth that level of attention. Your dreams that lie dormant inside you are that good. Isn’t it time you birthed them and shared your full-on gifts with others?

As transformational speaker Lisa Nichols states: "Be prepared to be inconvenienced by your dreams, goals and aspirations." Step into your greater health and fitness, and be prepared to see other aspects of your life lift up along with it.

As always, I am here cheering you on! 

Kate McKay, an American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer, motivational speaker, author and business consultant, resides in Newburyport. Contact her at kate@kate-mckay.com, and check out her new podcast at https://bit.ly/katemckay.

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