After years of giving, resident gets gift in return from Leeward Light

COURTESY PHOTO . From left, Fran Elwell, Sandra Sartorelli, Etta Hallowell and Jon Werner 

SALISBURY – On April 6, an Amesbury woman who had been shopping and donating to the Leeward Light Charitable Thrift Store for years was a little too generous, by accident.

Sandra Sartorelli, who is 78, mistakenly donated a purse with more than $2,000 in it to the thrift store on Bridge Road. 

“I’ve been shopping and donating at Leeward Light since they opened," Sartorelli said. "I just got a new purse and donated the old one with some other things. Apparently I did not to go through all the pockets of purse before donating it. I am so glad there are places like Leeward Light and people like Fran Elwell in this world."

Rob Werner, the founder of the Leeward Charitable Foundation, told The Daily News that Elwell, a long-time Leeward employee, found the money while inspecting the purse before putting it in the story for sale.

“We find a few dollars every now and then, but this was a good deal of money," she said. "I’m so glad we were able to find the owner and return it."

Werner, like Elwell, said he was glad they could return the money to Sartorelli, its rightful owner.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that Fran immediately did the right thing for Sandra. Still, I am very proud of Fran and all our team members – they are amazing people," he said. 

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