NEWBURYPORT – An Amesbury man who refused to cooperate with a judge hours after his arrest Tuesday on drug-related offenses continued to be defiant during his arraignment Wednesday.

Daniel D. Sodoyer, 39, of 48 Market St., continuously talked over Judge Peter Doyle and a clerk magistrate as he was arraigned in Newburyport District Court.

Sodoyer was not in the courtroom, however, and was arraigned via video from the Middleton House of Corrections. 

He was taken to jail Tuesday from District Court after refusing to give information to the court probation department prior to his arraignment. He also refused to answer basic questions from Doyle who, according to a court official, ordered Sodoyer out of the courtroom twice before giving up. Eventually, Doyle found Sodoyer in contempt of court. 

Early Tuesday, a SWAT team arrested Sodoyer at his home. Police said a search of his residence and his wallet resulted in the seizure of fentanyl, cocaine, crack cocaine, oxycodone and other pills, along with $4,006 in cash, $1,250 in counterfeit money, two digital scales and two cellphones.

He was charged with four counts of distributing a Class A drug and one count each of distributing a Class C drug, distributing crack cocaine, possession of counterfeit notes and vandalizing property.

During his three-minute arraignment Wednesday, Sodoyer refused to say his name and told Doyle that the Amesbury Police Department made a mistake. 

"I'm not the person you have in the paperwork," Sodoyer said. 

Sodoyer then said he did not understand the "criminal part" of the charges against him and demanded to ask questions. Doyle tried to work with Sodoyer, saying he could speak after the charges against him were read. But Sodoyer continued talking as a clerk magistrate read the charges. 

Eventually, Sodoyer got out of his seat and walked away from the camera. A Middleton Jail official then told Doyle that Sodoyer would not return before the camera. 

Essex County prosecutor Michelle Belmonte told Doyle she would seek cash bail and alerted him that New Hampshire law enforcement officials would likely issue a warrant for Sodoyer's return based on a possible parole violation. 

Doyle set Sodoyer's bail hearing for Dec. 4. 

Sodoyer shot someone over drugs in Derry, New Hampshire, in 2005 and was sentenced to three to nine years in prison, according to police records. He was also involved in armed home invasions in Haverhill and, at the time of his arrest, he was on parole for offenses in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Sodoyer was arrested about 6 a.m. on Tuesday and brought to the Amesbury police station for booking. Officials said he refused to answer questions or allow officers to take his fingerprints. At one point, he rammed his shoulder against a wall and damaged it, triggering the vandalism charge by police.

Beginning in July, Amesbury police Detective Sean Leary began speaking to an informant about drug deals taking place in Amesbury. By October, those discussions focused on fentanyl and heroin exchanges at 48 Market St.

Those discussions led to four undercover fentanyl and cocaine buys from Sodoyer outside his home over several weeks. After those buys, Leary obtained an arrest warrant for Sodoyer.

Based on Sodoyer’s criminal history and a report that he recently asked a friend for ammunition, Amesbury police called in the SWAT team to help in the arrest.

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