AMESBURY – After a dryer fire Thursday around 6 p.m. threatened to destroy a Macy Terrace home, local firefighters are reminding residents to clear lint from dryer filters and make sure dryers are properly ventilated.

Amesbury Deputy Fire Chief James Nolan said firefighters were able to quickly put out the dryer fire at 38 Macy Terrace before it spread to other parts of the building. No one was injured and firefighters cleared the scene about 45 minutes after the fire was reported by a homeowner.

“There was no extension into the house,” Nolan said.

Lint is highly flammable, so flammable that campers use it to start camp fires, and should be cleared out after every cycle, Nolan said.

He also strongly suggested that vents to the outside are clear and to clean them yearly. He also warned that gas dryers emit carbon monoxide so it is critical that those vents are clear so the ordorless, poisonous gas doesn't get trapped in the house.

With the fire relatively small, no other fire departments were called to assist local firefighters, Nolan added.

Dave Rogers is a reporter with the Newburyport Daily News. Email him at: Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008


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