Henry Penzi of Amesbury, right, chats with actor Mark Wahlberg on the Boston movie set of “Ted.”

AMESBURY — Amesbury High School teacher's aide Henry Penzi will be spending the next few months outside of the classroom on a star-studded assignment.

He will be an administrative assistant to actor Mark Wahlberg during the filming of Wahlberg's new movie, "Ted." The movie is being filmed in various locations around the Boston area, including Swampscott.

In the adult comedy, directed by "Family Guy" creator Seth McFarlane, Wahlberg plays a man whose childhood teddy bear comes to life and remains his friend, while causing problems with his other relationships. McFarlane, who grew up in Connecticut, has strong ties to Newburyport: His father and late mother are natives of the city.

Penzi, who lives in Amesbury, is on the set of the film, as he has been for several other movies Wahlberg has starred in, including "The Fighter," "The Perfect Storm," "Planet of the Apes" and "Four Brothers." He's there to help Wahlberg in various ways but also lends his talents to serving as an extra when the opportunity arises, which he did most recently in "The Fighter."

"We've been friends since he was 17 years old," Penzi says of Wahlberg.

The two met at an Emmy party Penzi was hosting, when Wahlberg accidently got left behind by his entourage.

As part of his duties, Penzi brings Wahlberg to various events — even on golfing excursions when the desire arises, as was the case recently at Ipswich Country Club.

Penzi will bring Wahlberg to this area, as well, next week. The two will have lunch at Naples Pizza in Amesbury and visit the Boys and Girls Club of the Lower Merrimack Valley, where the actor will submit his item for their annual auction on May 14 — a visit to the set of the movie and lunch with Wahlberg.

"He's a big supporter of the Boys and Girls Club," Penzi said, adding that he is active in the Dorchester chapter, Wahlberg's hometown.

Later this month, Penzi hopes to make a return trip to Amesbury with Wahlberg for a golf outing at the country club.

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