'Applied History' series starts with windows, weatherstripping

COURTESY PHOTO . Alison Hardy, The Window Woman of New England, Inc.

NEWBURYPORT  – Alison Hardy, “The Window Woman of New England,” will be the inaugural speaker kicking off a bi-monthly series entitled “Applied History” on Saturday, August 17 at the Museum of Old Newbury, 98 High St.

The series is produced and sponsored by Blanchette Homes of Keller Williams, a real estate team specializing in antique homes. "Applied History" will feature a local preservation expert every other month to help home owners discuss ways to preserve, restore, and rebuild their antique homes. 

Hardy's talk, "Stop the Draft! How to weather strip your windows,” runs from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Mint Building behind the Cushing House. Guests are encouraged to get there 10-15 minutes early. The presentation will end with a question and answer period and light refreshments. Tickets cost $20, payable at the door. The first hour of program will focus on the problem of weatherizing and explore the theory behind techniques used to solve it. The last hour will consist of a hands-on application of the skills explained by the speaker.

Hardy will discuss storm windows, sash locks, and various types of weather stripping materials such as bronze, zinc, brush pile, nylon, and silicone. "The choice of material and correct installation is a bit of an art,” she said, “but one that can be easily learned."

In this workshop, participants will learn about different types of weather stripping and how to install them. They will also explore other ways to make windows energy efficient and programs and incentives for reducing energy expenses.

For more information contact Matthew Blanchette at matthew@blanchettehomes.com.

More online: https://youtu.be/yitoRI-tC5g