GEORGETOWN — For Sam Trapani, being called a loser is something she relishes. After winning the prize for Georgetown's Biggest Loser competition over the summer, Trapani is competing again to lose a final 20 pounds.

Led by wellness coach Gail Hedberg, the program, now in its eighth week, teaches participants about eating healthfully, Trapani said. "We learn about nutrition and how to spot sugars in food. It's about reprogramming bad habits," she said.

The first 12-week session Trapani participated in over the summer, she lost 12 pounds and enough inches to go down two dress sizes.

"I had a steady loss, with 14 inches gone. I just feel better," she said.

In order to lose the weight, Trapani follows Hedberg's Herbalife program, which is two protein-based shakes daily and one meal.

"I have stuck to it fairly well," Trapani said. "When I get off track, I have gotten back on fairly quickly."

This is a change from her past dieting experiences, when she would justify eating junk because the day was already shot from a departure in the dieting routine.

Trapani also wants to be a good role model for her daughter Julia, 10.

"I wanted to get healthy for my daughter and let her see a positive approach to weight loss. I didn't want her to have a sick mom."

With Julia and son Jack, 8, Trapani needs a lot of energy. She said she can't be tired in her day-to-day life.

The competition costs $29 to enter, and there are penalties for going off the plan.

"We have to put in $1 for every pound we gain and $5 for missing a meeting," Trapani said.

There are 12 women in the current program. In the end, there is a winner for weight loss and inches lost. Over the summer, Trapani won $80 for her weight loss.

Now, she is adding in exercise to aid in getting in shape.

"I want to get firmed up. I've been walking and playing tennis," she said.

Trapani said she is not perfect but is determined to get back in good health.

"It's motivating being part of the group, doing this together," she said. "I just want to feel better and get healthy for myself and my family."

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