Bruce L. Vogel  

Bruce Vogel

Name: Bruce L. Vogel

Address: 5 Bromfield Court

Occupation: Owner of three Newburyport coffeehouses — Plum Island Coffee Roasters, Commune Café and Soufflés

Education: Bachelor's, San Francisco State University

Appointed or elected positions: City councilor at-large, 2014-15, 2016-17; City councilor, Ward 5, 2004-07; Youth Commission, 1999-2003, Chair from 2001-03

Committees served: License and Permits, 2006-07, Chair, 2014 — present; Public Utilities, 2014 — present; General Government, 2014—present; Planning and Development, 2004-07; Budget and Finance, 2004-07, Chair in 2006; Landfill (ad hoc), 2004-07; Strategic Land Use, 2004-05

Civic organizations or activities: Member as business owner of Newburyport Chamber of Commerce; member of the Newburyport Maritime Society, Friends of the Library, Firehouse Center for the Arts, Winners Circle Running Club

1. What is the most important thing facing Newburyport residents in 2018?

Though our financial base and approach is solid AAA rated and our tax rate is only 278th out of 351, money, in the name of taxes, is the top “thing” facing residents. In reality, money/taxes encompasses all issues from sidewalk repair to unfunded mandates on the school system to housing costs to city services.

One solution is to identify additional income streams, or put another way, focus on economic development in an effort to bring in more income and take the pressure of residential taxes.

2. What are three things you believe the City Council needs to accomplish by the end of 2018?

1) By the end of January 2018, reach consensus on goals and objectives based on the ideas and needs brought forth by each councilor. Doing so will bring understanding and guidance to actions and legislation.

2) Establish a path toward economic development that includes assistance from and collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce.

3) Compel New England Development to commit and build a hotel before any other development occurs on Waterfront West.

3. What is your vision for the Waterfront West property? 

Add a hotel on the southwest corner and leave the rest as it is.


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