Candidates denounce Amesbury campaign sign vandalism

Courtesy photoA row of signs supporting Amesbury Mayor Kassandra Gove’s reelection campaign show the spray-painted vandalism.

AMESBURY — The two candidates for mayor are both condemning the recent vandalism of political signs.

Mayor Kassandra Gove is running for reelection to another two-year term, facing a challenge from Jim Kelcourse, the current state representative.

Acting Police Chief Craig Bailey said seven signs supporting Gove’s campaign were recently vandalized in front of a home on Haverhill Road, as was another Gove sign on Kimball Road.

Gove wrote on the Committee for Kassandra Gove Facebook page on Monday that she was “incredibly disappointed” to hear of the vandalism.

“I understand how passionate people feel about this community and about the upcoming election, but this is not who we are,” she wrote. “We are a community that respects each other, despite our differences. We are a community that supports each other and wants the best for everyone here. I am disappointed, but resolute in my mission to make Amesbury a safe and respectful place for all.”

Kelcourse also denounced the vandalism in a written statement emailed to The Daily News on Tuesday.

“There is no room here for destroying or defacing campaign literature or campaign signs,” Kelcourse wrote. “It is beneath the people of the great community of Amesbury and does not represent the approach the people of this community take to public service or politics. I hope it does not happen again, because as a candidate and elected official, I believe in giving every candidate a chance to make their case and I know the people of Amesbury do too.”

Alicia Buono, a volunteer for Gove’s campaign, said in a text message the campaign appreciates that Kelcourse “agrees with us that this behavior does not represent what Amesbury stands for.”

Staff writer Jim Sullivan covers Amesbury and Salisbury for The Daily News. He can be reached via email at or by phone at 978-961-3145. Follow him on Twitter @ndnsully.

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