AMESBURY — Packing light but taking a big suitcase might seen counter-intuitive. But a group of eight Main Street Church members are doing just that when they head off to Haiti for 12 days next week to rebuild homes destroyed in last year's massive earthquake.

The church members will be packing light in the hopes of packing plenty of donations for the Haitian people.

The group from Main Street Church is working with the Fuller Center for Housing.

They will be in Gressier, which is an hour outside of Port-au-Prince and close to the Jan. 12, 2010, 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

This is the church's second trip to Haiti.

In March 2010, the church spent eight weeks with another organization for earthquake recovery. Four church members who went last time are going again next week, including the Rev. Joan MacPherson.

"We could see how much need there still was without an earthquake ever happening," MacPherson said.

The service isn't free. Everyone going has to pay $1,800 plus airfare to Haiti.


Main Street Church is looking for the following donations to Haiti. The church needs donated items delivered to the church and marked for Haiti by Saturday:

39-gallon contractor strength clean-up trash bags

twin bed sheets and pillow cases

bath towels and wash cloths

hand soap and shampoo

paper plates and cups

plastic utensils

screw drivers and pliers

flash lights

AA AAA C and D batteries

children's shoes

children's vitamins (not expired)

peanut butter and jelly

paint brushes and rollers

note pads

HP ink cartridges (#60 black)

pens and pencils

church microphones

French Bibles

English Bibles

Creole Bibles.

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