NEWBURYPORT — The City Council's Committee on Public Safety will discuss a proposal for a new trash program tonight that gives each household “one cart free” per week.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. in City Council Chambers, 60 Pleasant St.

Residents will have the chance to speak and ask questions about the proposed program, which is the subject of an ordinance before the committee and aims to reduce the city’s solid waste output and associated costs while also lessening the environmental impact.

Under the ordinance, each household would be provided with a free 32-gallon cart for weekly trash disposal. Any trash that didn’t fit in the 32-gallon wheeled cart would have to be placed in crimson “pay as you throw bags” with the city’s logo, which residents would buy. The bags would be priced to partially offset the cost of hauling and disposing the waste.

The bags would be sold at local stores for $2 per 15-gallon bag and $4 per 30-gallon bag, according to the draft ordinance.

The ordinance was co-sponsored by City Council President Barry Connell and Councilor at-large Afroz Khan. It was created in collaboration with the Waste Reduction Task Force formed by Mayor Donna Holaday last year in response to a sharp increase in Newburyport’s waste disposal costs.

During a recent informal public meeting, Khan said the current draft of the ordinance would give each unit in buildings with eight residential units or less one free cart per week, while buildings with nine or more units would not be served by the city’s trash program.

Khan noted the limit on the number of units, among other parts of the ordinance, is not final and could be changed by the committee.

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Staff writer Jack Shea covers Newbury­port City Hall. He can be reached via email at or by phone at 978-961-3154. Follow him on Twitter @iamjackshea.

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