NEWBURYPORT — The C-10 Foundation is bringing concrete expert Victor Saouma to Newburyport Public Library on Thursday for a public discussion of concrete degradation at Seabrook Station.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. The library is at 94 State St.

C-10 is a Newburyport-based group that focuses on monitoring the safety of the nuclear power plant.

 Saouma, professor of civil and structural engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, will provide insight on the alkali-silica reaction or ASR — a chemical process that causes small cracks in concrete — that is occurring at Seabrook Station. 

After ASR was first detected at the plant in 2009, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission determined the affected structures could continue operating safely.

Earlier this year, the commission approved an amendment to address the presence of ASR at Seabrook Station, and in March, it granted the plant a 20-year license extension through 2050.

C-10 has long pushed for closer monitoring of the plant’s ASR, and prior to the extension being granted, it was to have a hearing on concrete degradation at Seabrook Station with the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board.

The hearing on the plant, owned by NextEra Energy, was recently scheduled for Sept. 24-27.

“In my expert opinion,” Saouma said in a press release from C-10, “the manner in which NRC Staff reviewed and accepted NextEra’s testing and analysis programs was so devoid of scientific rigor or independence as to fatally undermine the credibility of its determinations regarding the safety of continuing to operate Seabrook in the presence of ASR.” 

Diane Curran, a public interest attorney representing C-10, will be present to offer her perspective on the issue.

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