SALISBURY — A New York man and his New Hampshire girlfriend learned the hard way that getting too frisky in a strip club can get you in hot water with authorities.  

Daniel J. Tromp, 28, of Saugerties, N.Y.; and 30-year-old Alysson Siopes of Rye, N.H., were charged with disorderly conduct Tuesday after refusing to leave Ten’s Show Club. 

According to Salisbury police Officer James Leavitt’s report, the heavily intoxicated party were ordered to leave the North End Boulevard club shortly after midnight  when a security officer noticed them fondling each other right in front of the main stage. At one point, a security officer saw Tromp remove Siopes’ bra and witnessed Siopes attempting to conduct a sexual act on Tromp. 

Leavitt said that when Tromp refused to leave, police were called to assist. Tromp refused to cooperate with police and was promptly charged with disorderly conduct as his temperament was drawing attention from other patrons. Siopes was also arrested when she questioned why her boyfriend was being charged by police. At one point, she demanded to know Leavitt’s name and badge number. But when that failed to assuage her, Leavitt placed her under arrest as well. Assisting Leavitt with the arrests was Sgt. Timothy Hunter, according to Leavitt’s report.  

In Newburyport District Court the following day, disorderly conduct charges against Tromp and Siopes were generally continued for three months and each ordered to pay $50 to the Victims-Witness Fund. Should Tromp and Siopes avoid any further trouble with the law, the charges against them will be dismissed and expunged from their records. 

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