The former chairman of the Haverhill Republican City Committee, Jack Roy, is endorsing Democratic state Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives for re-election.

In a release sent from the O’Connor Ives campaign, Roy explained the choice to reach across party lines as a decision to support a candidate with a proven track record of results for Haverhill and all of the cities and towns in the 1st Essex District.

“It shouldn’t be only about the political party, it should be about supporting a legislator who does the right thing,” said Roy in the release. “State Senator O’Connor Ives is doing right by the residents and is the best person to represent us in the state Senate.”

MASSCreative invites state rep candidates to meeting

MASSCreative announced that leaders and supporters of arts and culture in Newburyport and the 1st Essex District have met with candidates for state representative Ed Cameron and Ari Herzog. The group met separately with the candidates on Oct. 16 to discuss their vision for the creative community for the towns of Newburyport, Amesbury and Salisbury.

Cameron emphasized the importance of connecting the deep history of Newburyport and the surrounding area with the richness of the arts community. He talked about his work as both an historic preservationist and his personal love of music and theater. He also described his work at nonprofit organizations such as the Pine Street Inn and Community Teamworks in Lowell and said he understands the struggles nonprofits go through to fund their work.

Cameron acknowledged that the area’s arts, cultural, and creative community could not reach its full potential with the level of funding currently provided by the state. He pledged to work to increase state and local investment in the arts, culture and creative community to pre-1990 levels when the Massachusetts Cultural Council was funded at approximately $27 million annually; today the MCC receives about $12 million annually. Cameron also said he would like to identify a dedicated source of revenue that will significantly increase resources to the community. Said Cameron, “I will champion your causes.”

Herzog talked about the need to build collaborations and work with creative entrepreneurs who are key players in the North Shore economy. The candidate also described his personal connection to the arts through music and drama in high school and college, as well as performing in “The Laramie Project” in Newburyport.

Herzog pledged to work to increase state and local investment in the arts, cultural and creative community. He emphasized the need for support for arts and culture given that nearly everyone in the community is impacted by the work of the sector. He said he believes that funding for the statewide arts community should be at levels seen decades ago when the state was investing $27 million a year into the community. Said Herzog, “We need to invest in what makes people smile.”

Arts and community leaders including Beth Falconer of Firehouse Center for the Arts; Ann Ormond of the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce; Anne Spraker of the Newburyport Cultural Council; Lois Honegger of the Newburyport Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs; Edward Speck and Kelly Shea Knowles of Theatre in the Open; Vicki Hendrickson of the Newburyport Literary Festival; Anne Easter Smith, a local artist; and Greg Nikas, a photographer and gallery owner, met with Cameron and Herzog.

Magliocchetti endorses O’Connor Ives

Haverhill School Committee member and former state Senate candidate Paul Magliocchetti has endorsed state Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives’ re-election effort this week.

Magliochetti ran as an Independent candidate against O’Connor Ives and Republican Shaun Toohey during the 2012 general election.

“Two years ago, I ran for this seat and debated both of the current candidates on the issues,” he wrote in a statement. “After watching the recent debates it is very clear that Senator O’Connor Ives has superior knowledge of the issues, understands the legislative process, and advocates for legislation which positively impacts the quality of life for everyone in the City of Haverhill and the First Essex District.”

“I’m honored to have Paul’s support in this race,” O’Connor Ives said. “He is a dedicated public servant and I appreciate his commitment to working together to get results for Haverhill’s students. I look forward to continuing to partner with him and the Haverhill School Committee to deliver resources needed to help our schools succeed.”

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