NEWBURY — XTechnology Global will join Triton Regional High School's Vikings Hockey Team Boosters for an eWaste Day Fundraiser on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Henry Graf Jr. Memorial Skating Rink, 28 Low St., Newburyport.

Local businesses and residents may drop off outdated cellphones, data storage devices, monitors, PCs, printers and make donations to benefit the Triton Viking Hockey team. All proceeds will be donated to the hockey team to help alleviate escalating sports budgets.

Challenging economic times continue to pose a threat to funding school sports, forcing coaches and athletic directors to find creative methods for raising money.

Drew Wile, Triton Hockey Team coach, underscored this problem and outlined a unique solution. "The cost of sporting equipment is rising, but school funding continues to decline. This presents a significant challenge to keep teams intact and kids engaged in sports. Working with innovative companies such as XTechnology Global and their responsible recycling programs, we are able to help fund the hockey team while keeping harmful materials from affecting the environment — it's a win-win for all."

The introduction of cloud-based services, lower-cost smartphones as well as more powerful iPads and tablet-based computers have quickened the pace of retiring older PCs, cellphones and storage devices. The outdated electronic devices cannot be disposed via normal curbside trash pickup; however, if recycled responsibly and in accordance with R2, ISO and OHSAS policies, eWaste can be managed appropriately.

"Making sure electronic devices do not pile up in landfills and contaminate our natural resources such as drinking water, is everyone's responsibility," said Michael Saia, chief executive officer, XTechnology Global. "We are proud to utilize our responsible recycling skills to benefit local sports teams."

Individuals with large electronics can arrange for pickup by contacting XTechnology Global at 978-539-8310, ext. 100. Certain device recycling fees ranging from $10 to $20 may apply depending up electronic devices.

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