AMESBURY — A Rhode Island exotic dancer, accused of being so drunk she stopped her car in the middle of a busy street to eat a hot dog, was ordered held on $2,500 cash bail following her arraignment Tuesday in Newburyport District Court. 

Jociene D. Cardoso, 35, of Pawtucket was arrested Sunday about 10:35 p.m. on Elm Street and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, unsafe operation of a vehicle, operating a vehicle with a suspended license, and a state highway traffic violation. 

At Cardoso's arraignment, an Essex County prosecutor asked Judge Peter Doyle to hold her on $2,500 cash bail and added that, at the time of her arrest, she was already out on bail for a drunken driving charge out of Stoughton District Court. 

Doyle agreed to hold Cardoso on the $2,500 for the new charges, but revoked her release on the older charge for failing to stay out of trouble with the law. Cardoso is due back in Newburyport District Court on Nov. 26 for a pretrial hearing. 

Cardoso stopped her car Sunday night in the north lane of Elm Street near Cumberland Farms, according to a police report.

Traffic was backing up behind her when Amesbury police Officer Teagan Davis arrived. Cardoso failed to move the car after Davis turned on her emergency lights and siren, so the officer approached Cardoso. 

"Jociene was holding a hot dog in her mouth with one hand and talking on her cellphone with the other. I quickly told Jociene to pull the vehicle to the side of the road," Davis wrote in her report. 

After Cardoso moved the car, Davis went back to speak to her. The officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car. 

"I asked her what brought her to Amesbury and she said she was dancing at a club here. She identified the club as Ten's Show Club, which is located in Salisbury," Davis wrote in her report. 

By this time, Officer Liam Leary had arrived to assist. 

Davis asked Cardoso to take a series of field sobriety tests, including a nine-step walk and turn. 

"During her first attempt at the nine-step walk and turn, Cardoso took off her coat and was now only wearing a cropped tank top. She did an exaggerated, provocative strut up and down the sidewalk, as if she was on a stage at a gentleman's club, ignoring all of Officer Davis' instructions," Leary wrote in his report.

Davis eventually arrested Cardoso for drunken driving and police found an open container of hard seltzer in her rented car. On the way to the police station, Cardoso explained that she was eating the hot dog in an attempt to "sober up." While at the station, Cardoso repeatedly berated and insulted Davis.

Leary was tasked with driving Cardoso to Middleton Jail a little later. During the ride, Cardoso propositioned Leary at least 20 times and asked if he had "ever been with a Brazilian," Leary wrote in his report. 

Personnel at the jail wouldn't accept her, however, due to her combativeness, prompting Leary to drive her back to the station.

Back in an Amesbury police cell, she complained of chest pain and anxiety. As a precaution, officers brought her to Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport for treatment. There, she told doctors she had not slept in more than 24 hours and used drugs, according to Davis' report. 

Staff writer Dave Rogers can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008.

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