NEWBURYPORT — Fifteen teens and young adults, ranging in age from 16 to 20, will likely be heading to their nearest courthouse in the near future after local police broke up an underaged drinking party Saturday night at a Pheasant Run Drive residence.

Five officers, including Michael Wilichoski, Richard Rocco, Joshua Tierney, Shawn Eaton and Sgt. William Steeves responded to the party around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. 

Pheasant Run Drive is located close to Hale Street and is a short walk to the Rupert P. Nock Middle School and Newburyport High School. 

Those summonsed for person under 21 in possession of alcohol are: Thomas Bradbury, 18, and Jarod Bradbury, 20, both of 24 Howard St., Newburyport; Jennifer Moner, 18, 400 Central St., Georgetown; Bruce Cahill, 18, 6 Norman Ave., Newburyport; Sydney Skaft, 18, 5 Wilkerson Drive, Newburyport; Austin Louis Roy, 18, 14 Pheasant Run Drive, Newburyport; Danielle Preston, 19, 335 High St., Newburyport; Claudia L. Curry, 18, 23 Winward Drive, Newburyport; Caroline Leary, 19, 43 Franklin St., Newburyport; Benjamin T. Greene, 19, 62 Middle St., Newburyport; Connor Wile, 20, and Travis Wile, 18, both of 26 Virginia Lane; and three juveniles. 

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