As bronze medalist and Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago was honored by his hometown last week, many turned out to support his success who never knew him, but who have fond memories of his late grandmother, Carol (Wade) Lago.

"I played tennis with Carol," said Amesbury resident Joyce Brown, who waited at Seabrook Town Hall for Scotty Lago's parade to arrive last Sunday. "She was a wonderful person."

Others who knew Carol Lago acknowledged the same feeling for the matriarch of Seabrook's Lago family.

And on the night Scotty took third place in the Olympic half-pipe snowboarding competition and won his bronze medal, many in Seabrook who knew her were at the party at the Common Island Cafe. According to Seabrook's Carol Perkins, they were there to watch over the boy they'd heard so much about from his grandmother.

"She was my angel," her devoted husband, Michael Lago Sr., said after his grandson's parade. "And she was quite an athlete herself. She was on the Newburyport High School basketball team."

Lago Sr., who grew up in Salisbury, went to Amesbury High School and married his high school sweetheart, whom he met during his football career at Amesbury.

"I was the captain of the football team and she was — guess what — the head cheerleader," he said.

"That's where we met."

It was grandfather Mike who bought Scotty his first snowboard after Santa Claus forgot to leave one under the 7-year-old's Christmas tree. The look of disappointment on the boy's face caused Lago Sr. to go right out and buy the board, telling Scotty Santa got it stuck up the chimney.

Scotty took the sport to heights that sometimes caused both his grandparents to wince at his daring antics, which led to about 20 broken bones along the way. But Mike Lago Sr. said it's the boy's fearless nature that's allowed him to succeed.

"He was always such a little daredevil, even when he was young," Lago Sr. said. "You never knew where you were going to find him, up a tree or on the rooftop with a white sheet getting ready to parachute off."

Lago Sr. said he felt his late wife's presence at the recent Olympics in Vancouver as he watched Scotty compete.

"I know she was there," he said. "I wore her jacket."


The recent storm that caused havoc along the New Hampshire coastline gave the Sewer Department a lot of headaches, Sewer Superintendent Warner Knowles told selectmen recently. Power outages took their toll, and even a few of the department's back-up generators were stressed to the maximum and blew.

To keep the pumps pumping, town workers went above and beyond. Garret Murphy and Ray Follansbee tended fussy generators for hours to keep them working for residents. And Mike Pike used his shoelaces to repair the belt on the fan of the generator to keep it going.

As a result, and to quote the proverb, Knowles said, it can be said that for at least a while during the storm, the Sewer Department was running on a shoestring.


Lynne Twombly was recently honored by the New Hampshire Children's Trust. Twombly was one of 28 New Hampshire parents named unsung heroes on Feb. 17 in Concord.

Twombly is a mother who has continually strived to be the best parent she can be, the Trust said, attending as many classes and programs as possible.

According to the press release issued by the organization, "Despite personal struggles, (Twombly) has always made the best of her situation and now works to help other parents in need. Her strength and unconditional love are truly inspiring."

Close to 150 people attended the unsung heroes event that took place at Governor and Council Chambers at the Statehouse, with Gov. John Lynch in attendance. Lynch issued a proclamation declaring February as Parent Recognition Month, with the 28 parent honorees in attendance, one for each day of February.


In conjunction with the Community of the Churches during the Lenten season, at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 13, a Mystery Auction, sponsored by the Women's Fellowship, will be held.

The event offers fun for all ages. Bring a wrapped item and a good sense of humor.

The auction is preceded by a potluck dinner at 6 p.m.


Angeljean Chiaramida covers Seabrook for The Daily News. She can be reached at 978-462-6666, ext. 3271 or by e-mail at

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