SALISBURY — The Fire Department has received an additional Senior SAFE grant for the program that allows older residents to put up a secure key lockbox designed to give firefighters and police quicker access to their home in an emergency.

These boxes reduce the risk of property damage incurred when first responders have to force open doors, according to a press release from the department. More importantly, they save time that would be wasted attempting to gain access to an immobile person locked in a home.

A lockbox is a small, secure metal box installed on a resident’s door or close to the door and contains a key to the home. The box is locked with a passcode that is filed at the police station and can only be accessed by the Salisbury Fire and Police departments.

The boxes are safe, durable and would only be accessed in an emergency. At no time would the box be accessed by anyone other than emergency responders, according to the release.

Any resident interested in obtaining a lockbox should contact Capt. Andrew Murphy of the Salisbury Fire Department at 978-465-3631 or the Salisbury Senior Center. There is an application that needs to be filled out and signed by the homeowner. The homeowner will need to have a spare key made.

Because the Salisbury Fire Department received a grant from the Department of Fire Service, the lockbox will be free while funding is available.

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