AMESBURY – A Groton mother faces child endangerment charges after her arraignment Monday for allegedly driving drunk with her 7-year-old twin daughters in the back seat. 

Elizabeth Hall, 35, of 222 Common St. was arrested Saturday about 8:30 p.m. at an Amesbury gas station shortly after leaving Interstate 495. Following her arrest, she ridiculed and harassed the state trooper who arrested her, according to court records. 

Court records say that her husband, a passenger, was also too drunk to drive. 

In Newburyport District Court on Monday, Hall was released on personal recognizance after being arraigned on charges of child endangerment while OUI (two counts), driving while under the influence of alcohol with an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and marked lanes. She was ordered to return to court Aug. 9 for a pretrial hearing. 

Trooper Michael Caranfa tracked down Hall’s Chevrolet Suburban at the Irving gas station off Route 110 minutes after receiving word of a highly erratic driver on I-495 north in Haverhill, according to a police report. 

By the time Caranfa approached the SUV, Hall had pulled into the gas station and gotten out. Her husband and two young girls also left the Suburban.

Caranfa went up to Hall and asked for her license and registration. It was quickly apparent to the trooper that something was amiss when Hall handed him a buyer’s guide instead of her registration. 

“I reminded Hall that I still needed the registration. While Hall was looking for the paperwork, I observed two empty blue Smirnoff nips in the map pocket located on the driver’s side door. I also observed an open Bud Light beer can in the passenger side cup holder and Pepsi in the driver’s side holder,” Caranfa wrote in his report. 

Both the beer can and the Pepsi, which smelled like someone had added alcohol to it, were cool to the touch. Hall denied the beer was hers and she denied drinking any alcohol before getting behind the wheel. But she slurred her words and her eyes were glassy and bloodshot, Caranfa wrote. 

She then admitted to having a beer. After failing a series of field sobriety test, Hall was handcuffed and placed in Caranfa’s cruiser. 

“While (the husband) was leaning against in the vehicle away from the children I informed him that this situation was horrendous. (The husband) stated ‘I agree.’ As (the husband) was too intoxicated to drive the Suburban from the scene, a tow was called,” Caranfa said in his report. 

The twins were picked up by a family member, Caranfa added in his report. 

At the Newbury barracks, Hall was extremely agitated and refused to cooperate during booking. She then began degrading Caranfa. 

“‘Too bad your life sucks so bad, you’re probably gay.’ Hall also informed me ‘you must not have anything better to do,’” Caranfa wrote in his report. 

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