Groveland brain cancer survivor raises $10.5K for research

Courtesy photoGroveland resident Dexter Murray, seated center, poses at the Boston Brain Tumor Walk with members of the Strength in Stride walking team. A brain cancer survivor, Murray raised $10,500 to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society.

GROVELAND –  Dexter Murray, a brain cancer survivor who lives in Groveland, recently took part in the 10th Annual Boston Brain Tumor Walk to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society, as a member of the Strength in Stride team. Murray raised $10,500 for brain tumor research – including a $5,000 donation from his employer, SBLI of Massachusetts, where he is vice president and controller – making him one of the walk’s top individual participants.

At age 45, Murray was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer, known as GMB. According to a press release, his prognosis was grave; the typical length of survival following diagnosis with this form of cancer is 12 to 15 months, with only 3% to 7% of patients surviving longer than five years. But thanks to his doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital and the support of his family and friends, Murray is now more than eight years post-diagnosis, with no progression of the cancer.

Murray dedicated his walk this year to Maureen Heaton and Jen Gureckis, two fellow patients with glioblastoma multiforme who died from the disease.

“I wish to thank all of my supporters over the years in raising cancer awareness and money for research, especially GBM,” Murray said in the release. “What I’ve taken from this is that we all have challenges in life, but it is how we face these challenges and live our lives that will define us.” 


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