NEWBURYPORT — The fourth annual “If This House Could Talk” will take place July 27 to Aug. 4 during Yankee Homecoming.

Residents are invited to display information about their homes on poster boards outside the houses for passersby to enjoy and learn from.

Organizers hope the event will draw over 120 houses, with participation in both the North and South ends, according to founder Jack Santos.

There will also be historic photos of Newburyport street scenes posted at the locations where they were originally taken to give visitors and residents a further glimpse into the past.

“It really is a raising of awareness and consciousness about the houses we have and how historic they are,” Santos said.

He aims to make people curious and engaged in the places they live, and to encourage residents to think twice before changing or updating historic aspects of their homes.

But while there is an emphasis on history and many participating homes post professional-looking, historical signs, Santos is quick to add that all contributions are welcome and creativity is encouraged. The signs don’t have to be a black-and-white historical report.

“You can write about something that happened last week,” Santos said, adding that artistic signs and poster boards created and decorated by children help keep the event fun and exciting.

“For me, this captures the real spirit of what Yankee Homecoming is,” Santos said “Bottom-up, grassroots, neighbor to neighbor, walking around and getting to know each other.”

Residents interested in making signs can take part in a free sign making workshop at the local Tinkerhaus makerspace on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Newburyport Public Library will  provide free poster board and research advice at its Archival Center throughout the month, with a scheduled research day on Thursday.

Participants can also put their houses on an online map, which already has over 70 houses listed.

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