Juicery offers fresh menu, broad range of smoothies

JIM VAIKNORAS/Staff photoEmployee Riley Mitchell of Amesbury makes a smoothie at The Juicery on State Street in Newburyport. The shop opened Saturday.

NEWBURYPORT – Could the proverbial three-martini lunch be supplanted by the kale storm with a shot of wheatgrass?

The Juicery recently opened at 40 State St. and its nutritional menu offers a variety not seen in every local bar and grill.

There are Kali Mango smoothies and Peanut Butter Bliss pick-me-ups. Add-ons include whey protein, chia seeds and maca powder.

One of the new shop’s early best sellers is the Acai Bowl, which is hailed as blended acai, banana, almond milk and topped with fresh banana, peanut butter, granola, coconut and cacao nibs. (The açaí palm is a species of tree cultivated for its fruit and hearts of palm, according to nutritional sources.)

A 16-ounce smoothie is $5.84 and the 24-ounce version is $6.78, although some smoothies can cost $8.88.

During a recent lunch hour, the stream of visitors was steady.

“We’ve been very busy,” said manager Elise Perry. “On Saturday, our first day, it was crazy with so many customers. Many people see the selections as health items with no additives. It can be quick, on-the-go nutrition and we’re very pleased with the first few days.”

The shop is owned by Alex Vandermark, who has opened similar venues in Boston, Portsmouth, N.H., and Durham, N.H. He owns two Maine Squeeze venues in Portland, Maine, employees said.

“I like the store because it offers fresh ingredients at an affordable price,” said customer Meaghan Sheehan, a Groveland resident who works in Newburyport. “It’s healthy, especially for people with allergies.”

Kelly Sargent, a Salisbury resident who also works nearby, likes The Juicery.

 “We’ve tried the one in Portsmouth and it was good. So, we came here. We’re going out on a run, and this is healthy and filling. It can be finished quickly if you are busy.”

Several customers at the new venue asked about soup, and Perry said that item could be coming this fall.

“We’re almost to the warm weather, so we’ll probably wait until fall for adding soup to the menu,” said Perry, a nutritionist who is a University of Maine graduate and has a master’s from the University of New Hampshire.

“This summer, we expect to be busy with smoothies, and there seems to be a market here for that kind of nutrition,” she said.

At a location nearby, Chamber of Commerce officials say the West Row Cafe will open soon in the former Orange Leaf space in Market Square. 

The bar-restaurant will offer about 42 seats inside, and is requesting a permit from city officials to serve in back of the venue on Inn Street.

Also, the Fig Tree Kitchen is tentatively slated to open at 3 Liberty St. The owners could not be reached for comment.


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