To the editor:

Do you remember when the media and the Democrat party tried to remove President Trump, using the 25th Amendment and stating he was mentally unfit for office?

Do you remember a news network that had a doctor make this remote diagnosis and her medical license had expired?

I remember. That same president after having COVID was doing rallies in multiple states day after day at 70 years old, after using the famous horse paste Ivermectin, now recommended by our government.

Do you remember?

We now have a president who clearly has dementia, gets lost, reads teleprompter cues, speaks word salads, can’t remember who just spoke before him, and doesn’t remember what country he was in last week. And the media says nothing.

We also have a senator from Pennsylvania who was in the hospital for depression for two months and one from California who can’t remember what she tells her staff.

I feel like I’m living in the book “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and there isn’t a child there to call out.



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