ROWLEY — A Lynn man remained in custody less than a day after he allegedly broke into an acquaintance’s home Tuesday and began punching her while she held her 5-year-old child. 

Edward Anderson, 28, of Essex Street is also accused of killing at least one frog when he smashed an aquarium tank and threatened to stab the woman’s cat. He was arrested at her home that night and arraigned Wednesday morning in Newburyport District Court. 

He faces 10 charges, including two counts of assault and battery on a family/household member, nighttime breaking and entering for a felony, animal cruelty, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, spreading false information about COVID-19, and malicious destruction of property. 

At Anderson’s arraignment, Judge Peter Doyle found there was enough probable cause to detain him without bail until a dangerousness hearing could take place Oct. 21.

Rowley police Sgt. Matthew Ziev and several officers from neighboring departments converged on the home about 11:45 p.m. to find a woman bloodied and bruised. Anderson also struck and injured another woman at the house, police said.

The victim told police that Anderson ripped through a screen door and began punching and biting her as she held her child. The other woman told Ziev that Anderson held a knife to the victim’s kitten and said he was going to kill it. Anderson also hit her as she tried to protect the victim. 

“Furthermore, Anderson picked up the glass aquarium containing two live pet frogs and smashed it on the ground with the frogs in it. It should be noted the kitten and one of the frogs was not found at any point while present, and it is unknown if they are deceased,” Ziev wrote in his report. 

Anderson, who was in the house when police arrived, struggled when told he was under arrest. He kicked Officer Stephen Levesque and pushed Ziev as they tried to handcuff him. After telling police he would cooperate, Anderson continued his attack on them, Ziev wrote in his report. 

Just before the officers put Anderson in a police cruiser, Anderson announced he tested positive for COVID-19 two days earlier. 

“Anderson was asked if he was being truthful, to which he replied yes,” Ziev wrote in his report. “Just prior to closing the door to my cruiser after securing Anderson, he advised that he lied and was negative for COVID, and that other residents in (the house) were positive for COVID-19.” 

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