NEWBURY — Accused of trying to strangle a woman with his forearms, an Edgartown man was ordered held without bail following his arraignment Tuesday in Newburyport District Court.

Dorian M. Johnson, 22, of Chapman Lane was charged on Saturday with strangulation or suffocation, kidnapping, two counts of intimidating a witness, three counts of threatening to commit a crime, and assault and battery on a family or household member.

Judge Peter Doyle ordered Johnson held until at least until Thursday when a dangerousness hearing is scheduled. A dangerousness hearing is held to determine if a defendant is considered too dangerous to society or a victim to be released on bail while awaiting trial.

Johnson was arrested about 11 p.m. after police responded to an Elm Street residence where a highly intoxicated man was attacking a woman inside the house. When Newbury police Officer Jason DaCunha arrived, two men, one of them with a cut and bruised right eye, told the officer that a woman inside was about to be “assaulted.”

DaCunha went to the back porch where he saw Johnson standing in front of the victim, not allowing her to leave the house. The officer unholstered his Taser and told Johnson to surrender. Johnson walked into the house and laid down, allowing DaCunha to handcuff him.

Johnson and the victim got into an argument that got so heated that two other people in the house tried to intervene, according to DaCunha’s report.

“Johnson then punched one of the male individuals in the face. The other male individual told Johnson that he was calling police. Johnson grabbed both individuals’ phones so they couldn’t call. While this was going on, (the victim) attempted to run out of the house,” DaCunha wrote in his report.

Johnson grabbed her, however, and dragged her across a room. When she tried to break free, Johnson placed his forearms around her neck and tried to strangle her. She told the officer she couldn’t breathe for roughly five seconds.

“He then grabbed her by the waist, which knocked the wind out of her,” DaCunha wrote in his report. “Johnson then body slammed (the victim) to the ground, causing her to land on her tailbone.”

The victim told the officer she blacked out for the rest of the alleged attack.

Johnson has an open domestic violence case involving the same person and was arraigned Sept. 17 in Quincy District Court, according to DaCunha’s report. He was ordered held without bail as he awaited arraignment in District Court.

The victim applied for an emergency restraining order at the Newbury police station, only to learn that a judge had denied the application.

“He denied the restraining order based on the ‘no bail,’ (status),” DaCunha wrote in his report.

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