Man in Salisbury barricades himself, claims to have a gun  

Photo courtesy ActionPage. Police at the scene on Pike Street in Salisbury near Route 1 where a man was barricaded and threatening suicide Thursday afternoon.

Updated at 8:57 p.m.: Salisbury Police Chief Thomas Fowler said on Twitter the standoff on Pike Street, which has gone on for most of the afternoon Thursday, had been "safely resolved" around 8 p.m. Fowler said the street, which had been blocked by police who set up a perimeter around 10 Pike St. after a man barricaded himself inside and said he had a gun, was reopened Thursday night.

SALISBURY – Local police are asking Pike Street residents near where a man has barricaded himself inside a house to shelter in place as negotiators try to diffuse the situation.

Salisbury Chief Thomas Fowler said as officers conducted a welfare check at 10 Pike St. around 2 p.m. a man warned them he was armed and threatened to shoot them. Officers immediately backed off and set up a perimeter around the house, closing off the road. No shots were fired and police were working under the assumption that he was being truthful out of an abundance of caution.

"We don't know, he claimed he was," Fowler said, when asked if the man was armed.

Aiding local police are state police troopers, Essex County Sheriff Department officers, and police officers from neighboring towns. A state police negotiation team was also called to the scene.

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