MERRIMAC — The following is a list of building permit recipients, contractors when applicable, property address, a job description and permit fees for February. The town does not record estimated construction value. Permit fees are calculated by the square foot and the location of the planned construction.

Town of Merrimac, James Martinoli, Wallace Way, install new replacement windows in existing masonry openings in structure, etc., $156.

Bridgewell, James Justin Welch, 40 Church St., proceed with total reconstruction of one-family dwelling with attached garage in accordance, etc., $2,091.

Town of Merrimac, Robert Danforth, 19 Locust St. (Donaghue School), create 8-foot-2-inch-by-6-foot-6-inch area within Room 21, per submittal documents, $30.

Robert Peters, Arthur Amirault, 97 East Main St., proceed with installation of 6-foot replacement sliding door; install two replacement windows, etc., $50.

Thomas Nicklas, 8 Pine Bluff Ave., proceed with miscellaneous specified repairs to dwelling resulting from ice storm damage, $30.

Michael B. Wendt, Edward J. McQueeney, 117 River Road, proceed with phase one of specified repairs to dwelling, items No. 3 through 17, which includes structural repairs, etc., $525.

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