Seabrook mother, police continue search for missing woman

Torah Osias

UPDATE, 3 p.m. Saturday: Seabrook police said on the department's Facebook page that Torah Osias returned home safely after being missing for several days. The brief notice said Osias "has been found safe. Thank you for all the tips and shares."

SEABROOK — A local woman is seeking help from the community to find her daughter, who disappeared Wednesday morning.

Torah Osias, 23, walked out of her mother's home between 5 and 6 a.m. without her phone, purse or any type of identification. She is described as 5 feet tall, black and approximately 90 pounds. 

Osias, who recently had a nervous breakdown and could be without her medication, was last seen wearing a green short-sleeve T-shirt over a long-sleeve black T-shirt, camouflaged leggings, a pink head scarf, and white Adidas sneakers with three black stripes.

Initial reports said she was not believed to be wearing a coat, but her mother, Valarie Lashawn Oliver-Osias, said she may have grabbed another person's coat on her way out of the house. 

A "medium-to-charcoal gray puffy coat," which belongs to Oliver-Osias' boyfriend, was noticed missing Wednesday. The coat, which does not have a hood, would be oversized on Osias' tiny frame.

Her mother doesn't know where her daughter could have gone, whether she received a ride somewhere or walked. 

Someone reported seeing a person fitting that description walking along Route 1 near Salisbury Elementary School, headed toward Newburyport, about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. Police are still investigating.

Oliver-Osias said her daughter attended Plymouth State University from 2015 to 2017 before transferring to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She recently moved back to the area, but is not believed to have any friends or acquaintances nearby.

She has not disappeared like this before, according to her family.

"This is her very first time doing anything like this," Oliver-Osias said Thursday. "She doesn't know anyone in the area."

Oliver-Osias said she left the living room briefly early Wednesday and when she returned, she thought her daughter was still sleeping on a chair beneath a blanket. 

Upon further inspection, Oliver-Osias saw that the blanket had been made to look like someone was under it, and her daughter was gone. Her mother then noticed the front door was unlocked, which she remembers locking about 4 a.m., shortly after her boyfriend left for work.

If anyone thinks they may see Osias, "People can go up and ask her name," Oliver-Osias said, adding that her daughter might not ask for help if she needs it.

"If she doesn't know who she is, that might be an indicator that she has had another breakdown," Oliver-Osias said. 

Anyone with information on Osias' whereabouts is urged to call the Seabrook Police Department at 603-474-5200 or go to the police station at 7 Liberty Lane. The case is being investigated by Sgt. Patrick Smart, Officer Dan Hurley and Detective Sgt. Dan Lawrence.

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