AMESBURY – A 79-year-old woman and her two sons pleaded guilty Tuesday to shoplifting together at a local CVS last month.

Theresa Rosado and her son John Rosado, 55, who both live on Dyer Court in Danvers, and Anthony Rosado, 60, who lives on Bourque Road in Lynnfield, all pleaded guilty in Newburyport District Court to shoplifting from CVS Pharmacy on Macy Street, Amesbury. 

All three were charged with shoplifting in mid-June after Amesbury police responded to a theft reported at CVS.

After pleading guilty, all three were fined. Theresa Rosado must pay $150, John Rosado must pay $300 and Anthony Rosado was fined $250. 

Their day in court came after Amesbury police Officer Neil Moody was able to track them down with help from the Rowley and Middleton police departments, which also charged at least one of the family members with shoplifting in their communities, according to court records. 

Moody wrote in a report that he went to the Macy Street pharmacy about 12:20 p.m. on June 12 after the manager caught a man and a woman shoplifting. The manager said a man walked into the store and began stacking items in a particular spot while talking on the phone. Moments later, Theresa Rosado walked in the store, headed to the stacked items and placed them in a large purse. 

“(The manager) then confronted both parties and told them he was calling the police. The female then dumped out her bag full of items and both parties left the store and got into a gold colored Mercedes SUV,” Moody wrote in his report, adding that the man still had items on him when he left the store. 

The manager was unable to gather the full license plate number but managed to remember the last three digits. He also told Moody the same people attempted to pull the same scam at a Middleton CVS and other CVS locations in the area. 

Moody called the Middleton CVS and learned that a manager there had placed “stay away orders” against Anthony and Theresa Rosado. A call to Middleton police confirmed Theresa Rosado is a known shoplifter and that she had been arrested by Rowley police in 2015 for shoplifting from a CVS in that town. 

“They stated there was an Anthony Rosado and a John Rosado who were also involved in the shoplifting,” Moody wrote in his report, referring to Rowley police. 

Before long, Moody had enough evidence to summons mother and sons to court on shoplifting charges, which led to the guilty pleas. 

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