NEWBURY – A local teenager on probation for assaulting his brother was arrested Monday and charged with attacking his father.

Timothy Ness, 19, of 100 Newburyport Turnpike was charged with assault and battery of a family/household member and threatening to commit a crime. Following Ness’ arraignment Tuesday in Newburyport District Court, Judge Peter Doyle ordered him held on $500 cash bail.

But because Ness is on probation until late March for attacking his brother almost a year ago, he was ordered held without bail for violating conditions of his agreement with the court. That agreement stated he must not abuse family members, a probation department official said.

Ness will remain behind bars at least until his pretrial hearing Feb. 20.

If Ness is released pending trial, he must have no contact with his father and abide by a restraining order.

Ness was arrested Monday after the probation department obtained a warrant.

The warrant was issued after family members walked into the Newbury police station to report a violent confrontation Saturday between Ness and his father.

In her argument for bail, Essex County prosecutor Shailagh Kennedy said Ness became enraged when he overheard his stepmother and father discussing his inability to get a job and his social media habits.

Ness burst into their bedroom and yelled at them for talking about him. When his father asked him to leave the room, Ness refused.

“Make me,” Ness said, according to Kennedy.

His father then demanded he leave the house. When Ness refused, his father said he would call the probation department and police. Ness then grabbed the phone after a brief struggle and threatened to kill his father. Ness eventually left the house.

On Monday, the father went to the Newbury police station to report the incident and then to the courthouse to obtain a restraining order against his son, according to Kennedy.

Kennedy said Ness has a pattern of violent behavior and for not living up to the conditions of his probation.

“He’s ignored court orders from the start,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also referenced Ness’ court appearance in April when Doyle almost threw him in jail after he was overheard by a court officer and others saying an expletive after walking away from the judge.

Ness saw a charge of assault and battery on a family member continued without a finding until this year. Doyle then warned Ness to stay out of trouble during that time, saying that if he got into more trouble, he could be sent to jail.

After acknowledging Doyle’s warning, Ness quickly turned around and walked back to the gallery. Then, according to several witnesses, including a Daily News reporter, Ness uttered the expletive.

That prompted a court officer to run after Ness, who had left the courtroom with his stepmother. The court officer brought Ness back into the courtroom and guided him to the podium before Doyle. Doyle then warned Ness again, saying if there were any more problems, he would be jailed.

The court appearance in April came just over a month after Ness was arrested after being accused of striking his brother in the head “about 25 times,” according to a Newbury police report.

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