NEWBURYPORT – A panel discussion planned for next week on the retail marijuana zoning ballot question has been canceled.

Joe DiBiase, host of the internet radio program Local Pulse, had worked to line up panelists for the event Tuesday at the Senior Community Center who could speak in favor of the ballot question that would approve a prohibition of retail marijuana sales, and panelists who would argue against the prohibition.

DiBiase said this week that, despite initially accepting the invitation, the panelists in favor of the prohibition have decided not to participate, forcing the cancellation.

The panel discussion would have been co-sponsored by The Daily News, where Local Pulse is based and broadcast.

The ballot on Nov. 5 will include the question. A "yes" vote would favor the zoning ordinance that says marijuana retailers "shall be prohibited within the city of Newburyport." A "no" vote is against the prohibition, indicating the voter is in favor of allowing retail marijuana sales in Newburyport in previously designated areas.

The vote will not affect the sale, distribution, manufacture or cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes.

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