This home at 1 Clark Road with views of the Merrimack River sold for $2.58 million.

At $2.58 million, a bungalow situated on more than an acre of land along the Merrimack River is the most expensive single-family home purchase in the city’s history, according to city officials and real estate data.

David and Cynthia Gompers purchased the home at 1 Clark Road at the beginning of November. Clark Road is a small roadway off Spofford Street just before the Chain Bridge.

The property was sold by Kim and Mark Depiero. The home was built by Mark Depiero, a local builder. The couple lived in the house for about three years.

“It is just a spectacular house,” Kim Depiero said. “It is very unique on the outside and beautifully done on the inside.”

The 4,700-square-foot home is tucked away off Spofford Street with views of the Chain Bridge and Deer and Eagle islands.

Kim Depiero said the house comes complete with marble counters, high-end finish work, fireplaces and “the layout is just beautiful.” She said it also features curved stairways, screen porches and patios and a four-stall carriage house that serves as a detached garage.

“The spot is to die for,” she said. “You know it is going to add 20 years to your life, it is so serene. There is not another house anywhere, not just in Newburyport, but in the surrounding area that looks like 1 Clark Road.”

The sale is at least the second single-family home purchase for more than a million dollars in Newburyport in the past month. A home sold on Plum Island this month for $1.8 million.

The large purchases come even as the Boston-based real estate data company, The Warren Group, and experts on Wall Street and elsewhere, chime alarm bells about a real estate market collapse resulting in massive numbers of home foreclosures.

But those in the industry say they aren’t surprised that these homes continue to sell.

Jerry Lischke, a real estate agent who has worked in Newburyport for decades, said if a community has a market that attracts affluent buyers, it may be better off in tough economic times.

“The more affluent folks in the world and the more accomplished individuals who can trade in such real estate, are typically not as affected by market trends and vagaries of the financial world because they didn’t come to be that affluent by being another sheep in the flock. They are smart people,” said Lischke, who works at Stone Ridge Properties.

Lischke has known Mark Depiero for about 20 years and said he is “one of the most accomplished individuals in the field.”

He said that over the years Depiero has developed the reputation of building quality homes, especially replicas of classic Newburyport architecture, such as his Federalist replicas on Fruit and High streets.

“If anyone deserves to have this record it is him,” Lischke said of the most expensive single-family home sale. “He does everything very well. I can just imagine what he did for his own home, and I’m sure it would justify the price that is about a million dollars higher than the rest of the best.”

Ronni Wexler, the listing agent who works at Carlson GMAC in Newburyport, said the house is worth every penny.

“It was perfection,” she said. “And that is not meant to be a sales pitch because it is already sold.”

Wexler said the main level of the house consists of a dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, living room, office and a porch.

She said the kitchen is one “unsurpassed by anything I’ve ever seen,” and comes with marble countertops and a television that pops out of a cabinet.

Each of the homes’ three bedrooms is a suite, Wexler said, which means each has its own bathroom. One of the bedrooms is a two-level room, with a spiral staircase leading to a loft. That bedroom and the master suite also have balconies that overlook the river.

The Gomperses could not be reached for comment. But Kim Depiero said they are “really wonderful people” from Exeter, N.H.

Kim Depiero said the house is a “craftsman-inspired bungalow,” meaning it takes cues from the type of house made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright.

But the true inspiration for the home comes from a most unlikely source — “Columbo.”

On a trip to the Los Angeles area, the Depieros were on the hunt for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s home, a trip requested by their teenage daughter. But during the trip, Kim said Mark saw an ellipse on the roof line of a home owned by Peter Falk, the star of the hit television series “Columbo.”

Kim said when they got back to their hotel room, Mark sat down and designed much of the exterior of the home on a napkin.

“I’m always amazed about what is going on in his head and how creative he is,” Kim said.

The Depieros aren’t going far, though. Mark is building another home at the foot of Jefferson Street on waterfront property.

“I’m very lucky to have lived in a number of lovely, unique homes,” Kim said. “And I’m going to another beautiful unique home that Mark is building on Jefferson Street.”

1 Clark Road

Price: $2.58 million

History: largest single-family home purchase in city’s history

Built By: Mark Depiero, a local builder

Bought By: David and Cynthia Gompers of New Hampshire

Details of property:

r 4,700 square feet

r Separate carriage house, garage

r 1.16 acres of land on Merrimack River

r Three bedrooms, each suites

r Marble countertops

r Handmade spiral stair case

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