NEWBURYPORT — Three Newburyport High School students were ordered to perform 20 hours of community service after vandalizing hallways, lockers and a men's room inside the high school in early November.

Stephen J. McNally, 18, of 41 Mosely Ave.; Jared Lazdowski, 18, 2 Park Circle, Newburyport; and Jonathan Rivera, 18, of 1 Park Circle, Newburyport, were also sentenced to three months' pretrial probation, while Rivera and Lazdowski were ordered by Judge Peter Doyle to write letters of apology. A fourth student, a juvenile, was also apprehended, but his fate is unknown.

According to Newburyport officer Shawn Eaton's police report, the four students smeared a purplish substance known as MiO, a liquid concentrate used to flavor water, on several walls, lockers, hallways and a men's room on Friday, Nov. 4, and a few days earlier.

One of the students was spotted by a faculty member leaving a men's room around the same time the vandalism was discovered and then was spotted trying to hide a bottle of MiO behind a classroom television. School officials then interviewed him and connected him with the three other students.

Lazdowski admitted purchasing multiple bottles of MiO but denied vandalizing the school. Three bottles of MiO were eventually found in a backpack belonging to McNally, who later admitted to seeing two of his friends smear the substance on walls and lockers, according to Eaton's report.

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