NEWBURY – A local teenager charged with threatening to stab a Triton Regional High School student last spring was ordered to stay away from him after admitting he could be found guilty if the case went to trial.

Philip Lauritzen Jr., 19, of Old Rowley Road was arraigned in December on a count of threatening to commit a crime, months after making the threatening statement, according to Newburyport District Court records.

In District Court on Monday, the former Triton senior admitted to Judge Allen Swan that a judge or jury could find him guilty of the charge. But instead of sending Lauritzen to jail, Swan continued the matter without a finding for nine months. Lauritzen told Swan that he dropped out of the school in 12th grade.

If Lauritzen stays out of trouble with the law and stays away from the victim and a witness, the charge would be dropped.

Lauritzen sent the victim a text via the instant messaging site SnapChat in June, threatening to beat him up if he spoke to a fellow student, according to a police report. Less than a month earlier, Lauritzen sent the same student an even more disturbing message when he threatened to stab him.

“You think I’m scared to (expletive) twist the blade inside you? I’ll make you (expletive) bleed,” Lauritzen wrote, according to School Resource Officer John Lucey Jr.’s report.

Lucey spoke to the victim’s father, who told the officer he wanted charges filed against Lauritzen for threatening his son. A few days later, on June 10, Lucey advised Lauritzen of the police investigation.

“After I told him about the message I had seen, Philip stated ‘obviously I would never do that,’” Lucey wrote in his report.

Lucey tried to interview Lauritzen at the police station to hear his side of the story but after a few days of scheduling problems, Lauritzen stopped responding to Lucey. That prompted Lucey to end his investigation and file a criminal complaint against Lauritzen, according to the officer’s report.

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