NEWBURYPORT – A parking ticket dispute Wednesday morning outside Starbucks on Liberty Street resulted in a local woman being summonsed to court on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person over 60, according to police.

Police say Amy Zastawney, 59, of Lancaster Road ran over the foot of a city parking attendant as Zastawney tried to drive off before the attendant could issue her a parking ticket. 

A Starbucks employee called 911 about 11 a.m. after witnessing a dispute between Zastawney and the parking attendant, according to police.

Zastawney had just left the coffee shop and was returning to her car, which was blocking a nearby driveway, when she saw the attendant writing a ticket. 

Newburyport police Lt. Matthew Simons said the two women exchanged heated words before Zastawney got back in her car and drove off to avoid getting the ticket. Zastawney drove over the woman’s foot as she tried to leave. Zastawney and the attendant remained at the scene. 

“She didn’t realize she ran over her foot,” Simons said of Zastawney.

In addition to Newburyport police Officer John Gavin and Sgt. Howard Adams, Newburyport firefighters and a local ambulance crew responded.

Zastawney was issued a summons while the parking attendant was transported to Anna Jaques Hospital for what Simons called “non-life-threatening injuries.” 

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