NEWBURYPORT — Newburyport resident  and business owner Callie Eiserman was one of three females to receive a $10,000 grant live Thursday on the national television show, "Good Morning America."

Carolyn Aronson, CEO and founder of It's a 10 Haircare, created the It's a 10 grant, which recognizes three female entrepreneurs working to pursue their dreams. Other winners, who submitted their stories via an Instagram contest and shared their stories on the show, included Ashley Ellis and Colleen Porter.

Eiserman, was selected after the Aronson heard of Callie’s initiative to open her own business, Top Knots Coworking, a women's collaborative work space company looking to help budding female business owners and workers break out of their home offices without the financial burden of renting a full office.

When asked why Aronson decided to create this charitable grant, she said, “We wanted to give back to women who had inspiring stories, who we knew would dream big and do something to inspire and uplift those around them. That’s why we officially launch the It’s A 10 Grant and provided them each of them with $10,000, so they can continue to evolve as the best versions of themselves and grow their businesses that seek to uplift and encourage women daily.”

The winners were announced Thursday on "Good Morning America."

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