WOBURN — Weeks before he advised his brother on a botched robbery that led to a police officer's death, a Newburyport man joined his brother in an armed robbery at a grocery store, the Middlesex District attorney's office alleges.

Arthur Cinelli, 50, of Newburyport, was indicted yesterday by a Middlesex Superior Court Grand Jury on charges of armed robbery, stealing by confining and larceny over $250.

Cinelli had been previously charged with conspiracy to commit masked armed robbery and accessory before the fact to masked armed robbery in connection with the Dec. 26 armed robbery of Kohl's Department Store in Woburn. During that robbery, Woburn police Officer Jack Maguire was fatally shot by Dominic Cinelli as Cinelli attempted to escape after robbing the store. Cinelli was fatally shot by return fire.

The incident made national headlines, because Cinelli had been released on parole while serving three 15-years-to-life sentences for violent crimes. It also set in motion major reforms of the state's parole board.

An arraignment date for Arthur Cinelli has not yet been set.

Cinelli, who grew up in East Boston and had been paroled in 2001 after serving time for shooting a Medford police officer during a 1981 bank robbery, had lived only a few months off and on in Newburyport. He was arrested in January while staying with a girlfriend who had just bought a home on Moseley Street, where he was recovering from a hip replacement operation.

Police charged him in January with texting advice to his brother during the botched Woburn robbery.

"This most recent allegation against Arthur Cinelli continues to reveal the nature, scope and extent of his agreement with, and involvement in, the violent escapades of his brother Dominic," District Attorney Gerard Leone said in a statement. "We allege that this defendant engaged in the execution of armed robberies, putting innocent lives at risk, making his alleged criminal actions all the more troubling."

According to authorities, on the evening of Nov. 14, the Stop and Shop located on Main Street in Stoneham was scheduled to close at 9 p.m. Shortly after 8 p.m., as a part of that closing process, the store manager began to gather cash and lottery tickets to be placed in the cash office's safe.

At the same time, the store video shows two men crossing the parking lot and entering the store single file. The first man, later identified as Domenic Cinelli, walks directly toward the cash office. The second man, later identified as the Arthur Cinelli, walks across the parking lot with a distinct limp and appears to be carrying on a conversation on a cell phone.

Domenic Cinelli brushes past the store manager and a second employee, produces a gun and waves her through the cash office's door. Once inside the cash office, Domenic Cinelli is shown on video, gun in hand, waving the frightened manager toward the safe which she unlocks, giving orders to the employees and removing cash.

Meanwhile, Arthur Cinelli paces in the area immediately inside the front door of the store. He continues to clutch a cell phone, walking back and forth in the space between the cash office and the door.

Having obtained the cash, Domenic Cinelli can be seen heading directly for the front door, passing his brother and heading into the parking lot. Arthur Cinelli, still holding the phone, is seen falling into step behind him and heading out of the store. They are both last seen disappearing around a corner in the parking lot.

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