Rail trail work

Steel pilings to hold back the earthen banks during work on the rail trail as it goes under High Street in Newburyport.

NEWBURYPORT – City officials are planning to remove temporary steel piles north of High Street this week, work that could create vibrations for residents in the area.

Municipal leaders say that last fall, contractors of phase 2 of the rail trail began rebuilding portions of the large granite block retaining walls on both sides of the old railroad corridor north of the High Street underpass.

These walls hold the slopes leading to the houses and residential property on either side.

In order to hold the earth so that the old, worn granite blocks could be safely removed, the contractor installed a temporary retaining wall, which entailed driving sheet steel piles behind the stones and installing timber as the granite blocks were removed.

Driving the piles took several days and caused vibrations some neighbors noticed.

Officials say the contractor then poured concrete footings, rebuilt a concrete granite block wall, back-filled the soil and removed timbers.

"Now the steel piles need to be removed, and the contractor has scheduled the work" for this week, said Geordie Vining, senior project manager for the city, in a statement.

Officials say removing the piles should take no more than three days, and will cause less vibration than the installation.

Vining said, "The city greatly appreciates the neighborhood's tolerance of this irritating but necessary disruption to complete the rebuilding of these significant walls."

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