Annarosa's co-owner Bill Malatesta moves bread from their new oven to cooling racks in the company's new Salisbury location.

SALISBURY — Things are heating up at the new location of Annarosa Bakery these days.

When he now uses an enormous 18,000-pound French oven to bake the bread, co- owner Bill Malatesta is never far from a bottle of water.

As he pulled out the bread yesterday, standing in front of the huge oven, the temperature measured 130 degrees.

Annarosa opened last Friday at its new location in Salisbury, having left Newburyport's Tannery at the end of May. The bakery is now located in a larger space next to Tom's Discount Store on Elm Street.

Opening their European-style bake shop in a larger storefront allowed Malatesta and his partner, Jane Kenny, to purchase the larger Bongard oven and significantly expand the amount of bread they can bake at once.

And increasing production is essential for staying in business as a baker, Malatesta says.

"If you have bottlenecks, it causes problems," he says.

At The Tannery, their oven was able to bake 64 baguettes at once, Malatesta said. Their new oven, without even using the top deck, can bake more than 200 at once.

"It's an awesome oven," he says.

Purchased from Eddy's Bakery in Cambridge, the new oven is three times the size of their old one, which they hope to sell to another baker and give someone else an opportunity, Malatesta said. The new oven has 24 square meters of baking surface, Malatesta says.

Moving it was quite a feat, he adds.

Assembling it took a week — following three weeks of refurbishing it.

Luckily, they had many people aiding them in the project, Malatesta says.

As the cost of doing business has gone up, along with energy costs, things have changed in the baking business since he first began 10 years ago, Malatesta says. The dollar is weak, which is problematic when all the bakery's equipment is purchased in Europe.

While the bread will be ready faster, their product remains the same, he says.

"We don't plan to do anything different. It's all about the bread to us, everything we do. It's a job we take very seriously."

Already, some of their regular customers, along with new faces, are venturing over from Newburyport, he says.

At their new location, Malatesta and Kenny have also expanded their hours and are now open on Sundays.They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The shop now carries iced coffee, along with hot — one change from when it was in Newburyport, Malatesta says.

In addition to the 25 different varieties of bread, which are baked according to a daily schedule, Malatesta says Annarosa's pastry line is rapidly growing. The shop now offers croissants — chocolate and plain, cinnamon sticky buns, bear claws, Napoleons, Danish, cookies — even pizza.

"We make it all. We make the jams; we make the pastry creams," Malatesta says. He's even visited the local farms and picks the fruits for the jams himself.

"Your local fruit is going to be better," he says.

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