72 Elm St: Duck RT and Karen Rustino to 72 Elm Street Transmis, $270,000

34 Glen Devin St Unit 34: JSG RT and Joan K. Gaunt to Paul NT and Lawrence A. Paul, $166,000

1 Hillside Ave Unit 2: Erin C. Coco to Eric E. Jalbert, $109,000

16 Hillside Ct: Travis D. Scott to Scott and Erin Bouthiette, $355,000


34 Lakeshore Drive: Susan Mueller to Daniel Grunst, $230,000

36 Lakeshore Drive: Julie A. Young to Mark A. and Victoria M. Scenna, $272,500

12 Tenney St: John and Meagan M. Sousa to Dana M. and Nichole P. George, $325,000


249 Main St: Daniel J. Maytum and Stacey A. Houghton to Benjamin I. and Elizabeth D. Moore, $399,000

715 Salem St: Benjamin I. and Elizabeth D. Moore to Richard J. Desantis and Therese A. Baumberger, $340,000


40 Birch Meadow Road: Oladeni O. Oyaronbi and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $286,609

4 Orchard St: 4 Orchard St Merrimac RT and Stephen T. Jones to Kyle and Lindsay Moore, $355,000

9 Quail Ridge Road: Quail Ridge Assoc LLC to Simon G. Killigworth and Rebecca J. Killingworth, $549,900

30 School St Unit 30: Andrew Titcomb to John A. and Kerry L. Detora, $200,000


6 44th St: Kayak Inn Properties LLC to PI Sandbar LLC, $405,000

42-b Cottage Road: Cottage Road RT and Kyle J. Adams to Stephen B. Bowditch, $520,000

68 Main St Unit 2: Yvonne Kent to Kelly Hynes, $214,000


7 Ashland St: Margaret A. Cook to Omar and Larisa Vikin, $485,000

10 Bourbeau Ter: Steven B. Stronge to Terence M. Cormier and Christa R. Cornier, $660,000

45 Bromfield St: Joanne N. Morris to Thomas and Elizabeth Finley, $538,000

211 High St Unit 1: Whale LLC to Barry and Karen Fitzgerald, $539,000

2 Highland Ave: Paul G. and Pamela H. Shuster to Daniel C. Lambert and Nyla A. Lamnbert, $519,000

275 Merrimac St Unit 275: Timothy P. and Caroline K. Finnegan to Lynne P. Elloitt, $310,000

6-8 Temple St Unit 4: Nicholas and Mary Greggains to Joanne Morris and John W. Biggio, $294,000

31-1/2 Union St: Jeanne E. Mchugh to Michael L. Sockness, $350,000


35 Rowley Country Club Rd Unit 19: Residence At Carriage Pne to John A. and Jane E. Crafton, $509,900

36 Rowley Country Club Rd Unit 8: Residence At Carriage Pne to Mark S. and Rhonda M. Frisch, $539,900

18 Vincent Cir Unit 18: Lisa H. Calmus and Mark P. Bennett to David E. and Debora A. Zywusko, $385,000

314 Wethersfield St: 420 Newburyport Tpke LLC to AG Construction Co Inc, $500,000

316 Wethersfield St: 420 Newburyport Tpke LLC to AG Construction Co Inc, $500,000

320 Wethersfield St: 420 Newburyport Tpke LLC to AG Construction Co Inc, $500,000


8 16th St W: Jeanne E Scandura RET and Jennifer L. Spina to James F. and Frances A. Johnson, $340,000

111 Beach Rd Unit 9: Ryan J. and Cynthia A. Odonnell to Bonnie Wolfe, $208,000

233 Beach Rd Unit 9: Ronald G. and Deborah L. Lafond to William F. and Colleen M. Vandeventer, $259,000

18 Collins St: Kenneth M. Heywood to 18 Collins Street RT and Paul Wilkinson, $150,000

1 Sunset View Ln Unit 1: Arthur and Sandra Costonis to William Bornstein, $390,000

26 Sweet Apple Tree Ln: Wheeler FT and Judith W. Holliday to Stephen C. Battle and Tricia Allman, $750,000


31 Moody Ln Unit 31: Active Adult Lvg At Ocean to Laurel Hobbs, $165,500

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