17 Clinton St.: Fournier LT and Alferd J. Fournier to Robert J. Serino, $266,000

7 Currier St.: GMAC Mortgage LLC to Mark Wojcicki, $90,000

223 Elm St.: Paul M. Markis to Matthew Jacques, $252,000

85 Fern Ave.: Mary A. Smith to Carrie L. Steyer, $266,000

9 Gardner St.: Susan M. Deveau and Wells Fargo Delaware T Co to Wells Fargo Delaware T Co, $220,573

101 High St.: Lucy A. Miller to Christina Le, $267,500

159 Kimball Road: FNMA to John and Susan Teheen, $95,500

171 Lions Mouth Road: Pettengill House Inc. to Kimberly RT and Bradley M. Kutcher, $50,000

45 Macy St., Unit 305C: Irene Clemeno and Wells Fargo Bank NA to FHLM, $40,666

45 Macy St., Unit 305C: FHLM to Jenna Hulbert, $69,900

37 Millyard, Unit 302: Andrew R. Fournier to Daniel W. Shea, $118,000

39 Oakland St.: Leah Iritano to Michael and Kristin Smolski, $365,000

4 Rowell Court, Unit 4: Thrope Susan D. Thrope Estate and Drew Mullen to Todd Maguire, $155,000

55 Whittier Meadows Drive, Unit 55: Steven I. and Brenda E. Burack to Natalie E. Peet, $275,000


12 Littles Hill Lane: Camelot Realty Trust and Craig W. Spear to Peter VanBreda and Marga V. Breda, $634,900

22 Meadowview Road: Paul W. and Clare Crist to Mark and Laura Matarazzo, $330,000

452 North St.: 452 North Street Realty Trust and Ronald T. Cote to Christine Pitt, $364,000

34 Pond St.: Ellen M. Connors to Kevin P. Landry, $47,446


2 Dewhirst St.: SAJ RT and Stephen M. Dehullu to Mark and Lorraine Miles, $423,000

3 Gardner St.: RAC FT and Robert A. Carbone to Sean C. and Melissa A. Oconnell, $235,000

29 Wood St.: Webster RT and Ruth A. Webster to Ritter Builders LLC, $102,885


42 Locust St.: Michael V. and Marie M. Phenner to Sean P. and Nora S. Mcmanus, $299,900


3 37th St.: Stephen P. and Jeffrey A. Holmes to Gregory A. Bazylewicz and Katherine E. Farricker, $850,000

74 Green St.: Margaret J. Langmaid Estare and Nicole Syvinski to FNMA, $183,108

215 High Road: Salvatore W. Sorrenti to Kevin Baker, $350,000

1 Longbrook Road: Cliff Road NT and Pauline W. Byers to Thomas and Elizabeth M. Cook, $414,000

9 Orchard St.: R A Giannelli RT and Rose Agirnneli to James Long, $330,000

4 Smith St.: Barbarajean Magnani to Sarah E. Taffee and Tomislav I. Mutak, $450,000


14 55th St.: George F. and Elizabeth M. Wright to Phillip O. Hogge, $472,000

4 Avon Ave.: Boberin LLC to Robert Chiller, $392,000

5-9 Boardman St., Unit 5: Nicole L. Lamothe to FNMA, $125,081

10 Forrester St.: Thomas A. and Alice C. Stengel to Corey and Erin Contrino, $655,000

23 Johnson St., Unit 1: John P. and Katie E. Routhier to Michael C. and Candace W. Schuller, $502,500

64 Lime St., Unit 64: Dawn Brockelbank to MJB RT and James C. Bourque, $80,000

49 Middle St. Unit 49: Nancy F. Davis to Muriel Pracht and David Beauvais, $530,000

80 Middle St., Unit 1: Daniel J. and Mary R. Herlihy to Robert W. and Maura V. Woodruff, $1,150,000

80 Morin Road: Springwell Inv LLC to John P. and Katie E. Routhier, $518,785

53 Warren St., Unit 320: Debra Janvrin to Patricia Davenport, $317,000

5 Zabriskie Drive, Unit A: Mark F. and Sally C. Knapp to MSM RT and Mark D. Foley, $160,500


329 Central St.: HSBC Bank USA NA to William S. and Judith B. Parisi, $487,500

156 Leslie Road: Charlotte Munsey and June E. Thomas to Kenneth S. Murphy, $110,000

111 Newburyport Turnpike: Elizabeth B. Cook Estate and Frances K. Frye to Artistic Landscapes LLC, $121,200


135 Beach Road, Unit B105: Louis A. and Claire Y. Poisson to Lawrence P. and Linda C. Smith, $139,000

7 Dock Lane: Robert A. and Barbara J. Smith to Tracy L. Downer, $146,500

4 Ferry Road: Roman Catholic Archbishop to 6 Ferry Road RT and George Haseltine, $18,000

18 Ferry Road: Tracy A. Vynorius to Henry D. Mauer, $306,900


11 Coffin St.: Renae M. Freid to Thomas P. and Marie H. Drewry, $372,000

5 Newell Farm Drive: Robert S. Duval and Tania M. Tyocinski-Duval to Alisa M. Tenenholtz and Matthew J. Evans, $538,000

2 Ridgeway Circle, Unit 2: Robert A. Chiller to Richard E Mandevill RET and Richard E. Mandeville, $575,000

7 Twig Rush Road: Twig Rush Lane 7 NT and Janet M. Deschene to John M. and Donna J. Pallone, $870,000

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