SALISBURY – A Boston man who had just spent roughly $800 in fireworks in Seabrook, saw all of them scooped up by local police Thursday afternoon after officers responded to a disturbance on Beach Road. 

Dawan Glover, 41, of Hyde Park, was issued a summons to appear in Newburyport District Court for illegal possession of fireworks. The summons was issued minutes after he was seen around 4 p.m. picking up the same fireworks his girlfriend threw out of his car, according to Salisbury police Sgt. Timothy Hunter.

Hunter said a passerby saw Glover collecting the fireworks and alerted police. When police arrived, they saw Glover trying to hide the fireworks behind his car. Police soon learned that Glover had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend who then began throwing the fireworks out of the car. 

Fireworks, which are legal in New Hampshire, have long been a sore spot for Salisbury Beach residents who have made countless numbers of complaints over the years. Illegal fireworks use in town and across Massachusetts typically rises around the Fourth of July. But with holiday events cancelled in many communities in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, firework sales in recent weeks have shot through the roof. 

"Fireworks are always an issue," Hunter said. 

Hunter said the problem is especially troublesome for Salisbury Beach residents who say fireworks are often launched between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. 

Hunter said Glover's fireworks will remain at the Salisbury Police Department on Beach Road until someone from the State Fire Marshal's Office collects them. The fireworks will then be destroyed. 

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