SEABROOK — A town wastewater treatment facility supervisor will be arraigned on a wiretapping charge in August after he allegedly audio recorded one of his employees without consent.

Nils Larson, chief operator of the facility, was arrested by the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office on June 24. Larson turned himself in to the sheriff’s office and was charged with misdemeanor wiretapping, said Chief Deputy Al Brackett.

“That was an investigation that the Seabrook Police Department requested we conduct because it was a conflict of interest,” Brackett said. “It concerned a town employee.”

Larson was released on personal recognizance, Brackett said, and will be arraigned Aug. 8 in Seabrook District Court.

“I can’t really get into the details of the case,” Brackett said. “I know it was an allegation against another town employee.”

Sources said Larson was recording another employee without consent. State law says New Hampshire is an all-party consent state, meaning it is illegal to record an in-person or telephone conversion without the approval of everyone involved in the conversation. 

Illegal recording is a felony, according to New Hampshire law.

Town Manager Bill Manzi would not comment on the arrest.

“At this point, it’s in the judicial system and I don’t believe that I can make any comment on it in any way, shape or form,” Manzi said.

When asked if Larson is still employed by the town or is on paid or unpaid leave, Manzi said, “(Larson) is an employee of the Town of Seabrook.”

Staff writer Amanda Getchell covers Newburyport and Seabrook. Follow her on Twitter @ajgetch.

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