ROWLEY – Rowley House of Pizza & Seafood didn't open for business Tuesday after firefighters knocked down a small fire inside the pizzeria's prep room Monday night 

While the damage was minimal, power to the Route 1 pizza house remained shut off. 

Fire Chief James Broderick said an overloaded electrical outlet caught fire and filled the business with smoke shortly before midnight. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire but not before the flames scorched walls and destroyed food. 

Rowley House of Pizza is in a small strip mall next to a chiropractic business and Rowley Liquors. Those businesses and others filled with smoke, keeping firefighters at the scene for more than two hours as they cleared them. The businesses opened their doors Tuesday, Broderick said. 

No other fire departments responded and no one was hurt. 

Broderick said it was too early to tell how much it would cost to repair the damage, saying his department was still assessing the situation. 

"I can't image it being too bad," he said. 

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