Storm Surge seeks volunteers to photograph king tides

RICHARD K. LODGE/Staff photoA truck moves slowly through the flooded marshes along Newman Road in Newbury last year during a king tide, which occur when a new or full moon is closest to the Earth. 

NEWBURYPORT — A series of king tides, which could lead to widespread flooding on Plum Island and Salisbury Beach, are coming next week and locally based Storm Surge is asking for help reporting and photographing them for research. 

Monday will mark the beginning of a three-day period of extreme high and low tides known as perigean spring tides. 

Perigean spring tides are the astronomical high tides that occur when the moon is new or full and closest to the Earth in its orbit. These tides are approximately 1 to 2 feet above normal high tides. 

To help document these tides, Storm Surge is asking people to photograph periods of peak high tide. 

"Try to take pictures where the impact of the tide can be gauged against familiar landmarks such as flagpoles, parking lots, jetties, seawalls or roads. Be safe! Don’t take any risks while you are taking your photos," a post on the Storm Surge website reads. 

Storm Surge was formed in spring 2013 by Merrimack Valley residents in response to coastal erosion and damage to homes on Plum Island the previous winter.

The group provides science-based presentations on the causes, effects and future of climate change affecting Newburyport and surrounding areas, and produces classroom teaching resources for local schools, according to its website. 

For more information and a chart of upcoming king tides, visit:

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